Our prevention measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic

To our clients and partners: Gastão Cunha Ferreira has adopted all the recommended prevention and security measures in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, following the guidelines communicated by the Portuguese Directorate General of Health, we have implemented mechanisms to enable the continuity of our office’s business activity. Relying on remote work, all employees at Gastão Cunha Ferreira are currently performing their daily duties by telecommuting. We thus ensure that all the usual operations of our office continue to be carried out without any interruption or alteration.

We will continue to closely monitor the unfolding of the current situation and we will communicate any further developments to our clients and partners in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we will, as always, be available to assist you.

Copy / Paste

Target: Businesses with Franchising projects

When your business becomes a successful model, ideal to a Franchising model, the businessman may need support in order to be able to successfully implement it.

In this set of services, whily protecting the Trademark that you wish to Franchise, you create the Franchising structure and establish cooperation models.

Services included in Copy / Paste:

  • Registration and protection of marks in the relevant jurisdictions;
  • Start of the Franchising project, through the licensing of your Industrial Property rights;
  • Report on the competition, with a list of all existing brands in the target country that may commercialize the same services/products.

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