Our prevention measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic

To our clients and partners: Gastão Cunha Ferreira has adopted all the recommended prevention and security measures in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, following the guidelines communicated by the Portuguese Directorate General of Health, we have implemented mechanisms to enable the continuity of our office’s business activity. Relying on remote work, all employees at Gastão Cunha Ferreira are currently performing their daily duties by telecommuting. We thus ensure that all the usual operations of our office continue to be carried out without any interruption or alteration.

We will continue to closely monitor the unfolding of the current situation and we will communicate any further developments to our clients and partners in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we will, as always, be available to assist you.

A swift entry into Market

Buy & Sell Assets

We have created a platform directed towards the clients that wish to trade their Intellectual Property assets. At this moment it is developed towards Trademark rights.

There are thousands of Registered Trademarks that, due to most various reasons, have lost their interest in their owners eyes. Selling may be the solution.

Advantages to who buys a Trademark Advantages to who sells a Trademark

Avoids risks associated to creating a new Brand

Expedites the proceedings of Trademark registration

Easy adequacy of company business to the trademark classification

The possibility of including the trademark as an asset in financial sheets

The security of investing ni a brand that may be immediately used and may possess market recognition

Immediate gain after selling

The possibily of recovering investment in brand creation

Simple and hassle free proceedings

Possibility of partnering with buyer

Acknowledging the value of the Brand

Examples of assets that can enter the platform:

  • A registered trademark whose product or service is no longer in the market;
  • A registered trademark whose product is at the end of the life cycle;
  • An insolvent company whose registered trademarks are still valid;
  • A patent invention but which the inventor intends to sell.

It is possible to sell trademarks and patents even if the product is not being marketed.

If you are considering to sell your IP right, it may be important to have the proper notion of its market value: an Intangible Asset Valuation may be important.

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