Our prevention measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic

To our clients and partners: Gastão Cunha Ferreira has adopted all the recommended prevention and security measures in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, following the guidelines communicated by the Portuguese Directorate General of Health, we have implemented mechanisms to enable the continuity of our office’s business activity. Relying on remote work, all employees at Gastão Cunha Ferreira are currently performing their daily duties by telecommuting. We thus ensure that all the usual operations of our office continue to be carried out without any interruption or alteration.

We will continue to closely monitor the unfolding of the current situation and we will communicate any further developments to our clients and partners in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we will, as always, be available to assist you.

Social causes that bring value to society

Social Responsibility

Our vision

The company Gastão Cunha Ferreira tries to contribute, through its daily activity, to a constant improvement of the society to which we belong. Our contribution is achieved through the direct support to entities that have an active participation in our society through the promotion of initiatives focused os social support.

This vision is born with the start of our company, through our founder Gastão da Cunha Ferreira. He was a person that has always been very active in the support he offered to the ones that most needed it, specially near his place of residence.This vision has been passed on to the following generations and is currently present in our company's guidelines.

Our contribution

Our contribution, on a social responsibility point of view is achieved by providing our services to entities that require assistance in Intellectual Property matters. 

In case you work or represent an entity, recognized and certified before Social Security as an entity that provides social support, please contact us to learn about the ways in which we are able to support your activty.

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